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10x your productivity

Tired of struggling with Requirements Documents, One Pagers, or WhitePapers? Let us help you write high-quality documents effortlessly, leaving you more time to focus on what truly matters.

Unify your domain knowledge

Unify your domain knowledge

Watto securely connects your knowledge across 10+ platforms, including Google Suite and Jira.

Create powerful documents

Create powerful documents

Use AI to generate documents that showcase your expertise without spending countless hours writing.

AI co-pilot

Write with AI co-pilot

Our co-pilot features like rephrase, shorten and many more will take you from a draft to a masterpiece in seconds


Access 20+ Templates

Get easily started on your PRDs, One Pagers and many more with our world-class templates.

Unlimited possibilities for you

Watto is your writing companion which understands your domain.

One Pagers

Link source documents and your raw notes to create a compelling one-pager for your stakeholders


Marketers can generate personalized whitepapers based on their sales recording

Product Requirements Doc

Craft polished PRDs with AI reviews so that you can go from draft to approved in less time

Brainstorm Ideas

Don't start with a blank slate, use Watto to help you find your next big idea

SWOT Analysis

Perform a detailed SWOT analysis on your product

Documents Insights

Use Watto's chat to derive key insights from different documents

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of documents can be generated using Watto?

We are building Watto to be versatile and generate any kind of document that you need. Our AI-powered engine adapts to your specific needs and helps you produce high-quality documents effortlessly. We have added special support for creating PRDs, One Pagers, Launch Communications, and Strategy docs.

Can Watto be integrated with my project management or task-tracking tools?

Yes, Watto AI is designed to seamlessly integrate with various documentation and other tools commonly used by Product Managers. Our free plan currently supports basic integrations like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Notion. We also have premium integrations like Confluence, Jira, and more coming soon. You can also submit a request for an integration here.

How does Watto handle my data?

We fully guard your proprietary data by enforcing strict security guardrails. No customer data is stored or used for training the models. We only access your linked files for the sole purpose of generating the document.

What is the pricing model for Watto AI, and is there a free plan?

We offer flexible pricing plans tailored to your needs. Our free plan let's you create upto 2 documents and connect with our basic integrations, so you get a glimpse of Watto's magic before making a commitment. You can check out our different plans here.

I don't see my use case above, how can I use Watto AI?

You can generate any kind of content in document format with Watto. Contact us at so that we can understand your use case and serve you better.


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